Maths Question Paper For Class 10 CBSE SA2 2015

Central Board of Secondary Education conducts the Class 10th Board Examination every year during the month of March. Solving maths question paper for class 10 CBSE SA2 2015 and all previous year questions along with their on-going study preparation will help the students to know the exam pattern and the types of questions asked in the examination. Knowing the types and pattern of previous year questions will not only help to get good marks but make a strong strategy for the preparation of upcoming board examination. It is suggested to solve the previous year question as soon as possible, as solving these question papers will also help you to realize the topics you are weak in and require more focus.

Hence, Byju’s provides the Maths Question Paper for Class 10 CBSE SA2 2015 so that the students can easily download these study materials to speed up their preparation process and not waste much time.

The students can download the Maths Question Paper for Class 10 CBSE SA 2015 from the links given: 


Practise This Question

Two circles intersect as shown in the diagram below. The radii of the circles are 14cm each and AOP=45​ What is the area of the region shaded in blue?