Physics Sample Paper Class 11 CBSE With Solution

Physics, a stream of science that requires continuous practice along with an idea about different types of question to be asked in the exam. This subject requires a mix of both memory and comprehension skills as it includes both subjective and numerical questions. Those students who need to score more in their upcoming exam should be more familiar with every concept in the particular subject.

Byju’s provides physics sample paper class 11 CBSE with the solution which helps students in facing the real exam paper with ease. The syllabus in these sample papers has been designed by a group of experts by comprising previous year question papers and complete syllabus for class 11.

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Physics Sample Paper Class 11 CBSE With Solution


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A particle moving in a straight line covers half the distance with speed of 3 m/s. The other half of the distance is covered in two equal time intervals with speed of 4.5 m/s and 7.5 m/s respectively. The average speed of the particle during this motion is