Previous Year Papers For CBSE Class 8


The Central Board of Secondary education also known as CBSE is a well known prestigious board of education in India that strives at helping students reach out to their dreams. The 8th standard is a new step for students as the syllabus changes a lot.

The previous year question papers for CBSE class 8 for maths and science is provided here. The question papers are designed according to the latest CBSE syllabus. Students should solve the Previous Year Papers for CBSE Class 8 which can help them understand the question pattern, difficulty level of the exam, question weightage and the marking scheme.

The Previous Year Papers for CBSE Class 8 are given in the links mentioned below.


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A flooring tile has the shape of a parallelogram whose base is 24 cm and the corresponding height is 10 cm. The number such tiles required to cover a floor of area 1080 m2 is