CBSE Class 4 Sample Papers

A student in class 4th comes across various new topics and starts to develop the right perception of each subject. This happens only if the student understands what he is learning and explore the knowledge that is available to him. Sample papers help the students to prepare for exams in a more efficient way.

Sample papers for class 4 are important because these help the junior students to prepare for their final exams. CBSE syllabus for class 4 includes various important topics. Moreover, the board offers suitable sample papers for each subject and makes the students’ revision process a lot easier.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Sample Paper of Class 4

  • The basic concepts of the students strengthen as they are exposed to different variations of questions.
  • Students tend to develop confidence in tackling any questions from the syllabus.
  • The speed of comprehending and solving questions improves as students practice several questions.
  • Students get exposed to various solutions methods and thus, their solving capabilities increase.

So, it is extremely important for the students to solve different sample papers and analyze the skill levels. Also, students are required to adopt the best methods of solving different questions which is easy if one solves multiple sample papers and check the solutions.

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Students can download the CBSE class 4 sample paper from the links given below:

Practise This Question

Read the following statement and inferences, and select the correct option.

Statement: The core of the larger ribosomal subunit, where the catalysis of the peptidyl bond happens between one amino acid and the next, is made up entirely of rRNA.


A.      rRNA is smaller than proteins and hence can fit in the smallest of crevices

B.      rRNA has catalytic capability and hence confers the name ribozyme to ribosome

C.      The proteins which make up ribosome do not have a significant role to play in its catalytic activity

Which of the inferences are true?