CBSE Sample Papers for class 11 and 12

More than 1.90 lakh students will appear for the exam from the arts stream while 34000 candidates will appear from the science stream. Over 16000 students will write from commerce stream. Though students have done all the preparations, they are worried about their upcoming board exams. As career choices of students are fully dependent on the marks they score in board exams; they are more concerned about their marks and percentage. It’s very important to score well in 12 grade for them.

You may be all set for your exams, but are you fully prepared for it? Solve a sample paper before writing exam so that you come to know the CBSE board pattern. Find CBSE class 11 and 12 Mathematics and Science Sample papers. These question papers are prepared by the experienced teachers of Byju’s. By solving these questions, you will get a proper way to prepare your exams. Also, with the help of the CBSE question papers, you will develop problem-solving skills and also understand each topic clearly.

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Both the strings, shown in figure, are made of same material and have same cross-section. The pulleys are light. The wave speed of a transverse wave in the string AB is v1 and in CD it is v2. Then v1v2 is