Sample Question Paper For Class 9 CBSE SA 2 Science 2015

The schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education follows the CBSE guidelines and updates their curriculum accordingly. Most of the schools follow the NCERT books and the questions asked in the exam are also from the NCERT books.

Apart from scoring good marks in the exam, the students need to understand the syllabus concepts thoroughly to be able to understand higher level concepts in class 10. As CBSE class 9 and class 10 are an integrated course, students need to be well acquainted with all the concepts to be able to cope up in their class 10 and score well in their board exams.

To help the students practice and understand the questions of class 9, here the past year sample question paper for class 9 CBSE SA2 Science 2015 is given. The sample question paper is in accordance with the CBSE guidelines and has the chapters from the CBSE Class 9 Syllabus.

Click on the link given below to Download CBSE Question paper for Class 9 Science SA2:

Practise This Question

Many tissues organize to form __________.