Anemometer (Measurement of Wind Speed)


Anemometer (Measurement of Wind Speed)

An Anemometer is an instrument used to measure the speed of the wind, report weather stations or to calculate any form of current gas. Anemometer can be easily made by assembling a few basic materials. There are various types of anemometer depending on different situations, measurements and the ecosystems. An anemometer also uses Ultrasonic and Laser techniques to get the accurate measurements of the wind.

For the science experiment of 5th grade, the anemometer is prepared with disposable cups. It is commonly called as Robinson Anemometer. It uses disposable cups to catch the wind that induces to spin. To calculate the wind speed, one has to measure the number of spins in a given time interval. This will show how fast the wind is moving.

Materials Required

  • 5 small paper cups
  • Empty plastic bottle
  • 3 thin wooden dowels
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Duct tape
  • Stopwatch


  • Make a hole on the side of four paper cups using the hole punch.
  • The last cup will be the center of an anemometer, make 4 holes evenly spaced around the rim of the last cup.
  • Slide 2 wooden dowels through the holes in the center cup.
  • Now insert the other end of the wooden dowels into the other cups holes and tape them. Make sure that all cups are facing the same direction.
  • Use the last wooden dowel and attach it to the bottom of the center cup.
  • Put the center wooden dowel into an empty plastic bottle.


The cup anemometer expressed in this experiment is not capable of displaying the wind speed, but it can give an idea of how fast the wind is blowing. However, you can record the speed of wind using this anemometer only by the measuring revolutions per minute. Meanwhile, the higher capacity anemometer that is used in weather forecasting measure the wind speed by kilometer per hour or miles per hour.

You can keep record of the wind by revolution per minute for few days and calculate the average wind speed in a week. You can also check the wind speed at different times of the day. Verifying the speed in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night.

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