Boiling Point of Water

Decreasing the purity of the solution highers its boiling point and the same result can be applied to many solvents.

Boiling Point of Water


To know the impact and effect of adding solutes on the boiling point of the water.

Apparatus Required

  • Round bottomed flask
  • Thermometer
  • Wire gauze
  • Glass tube
  • Bunsen burner
  • Sugar

Estimated Time

Approximately 20 minutes to conduct the experiment and 10 minutes to set up the apparatus.


  • Fill about 50 cc of water in a flask and heat it with a bunsen burner.
  • Note the temperature when the water starts to boil.
  • Take at least ten readings in every thirty seconds after five minutes and calculate the average boiling point.
  • Now put around 15 gm of sugar and repeat the procedure.


The sugar solution takes more time to boil and boils at a higher temperature than water without solute.


The addition of solute(sugar) increases the boiling point of the pure solvent.

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