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500+ Words Essay on Caste Discrimination

Caste discrimination refers to discrimination based on the caste of a person. It is a highly sensitive issue in India. Despite constitutional rights and special legislation, violations of fundamental human rights continue to happen. Many people, especially the ones from the scheduled caste and lower caste, are facing this issue. It is very sad that even after 75 years of independence, caste discrimination exists in India. With the help of this essay on Caste Discrimination, students will get to know the meaning of caste discrimination, the current scenario and how its impact on society. Apart from this, students who want to boost their essay writing skills must practise CBSE Essays on different topics. Doing so will also help them to score high marks in the writing section.

Current Scenario of Caste Discrimination

The caste system in India has existed for thousands of years and operates by dividing society into hierarchical groups by birth. Caste is determined by one’s birth into a particular family, irrespective of the faith practised by the individual. The caste functions as a closed group whose members are restricted in their choice of occupation and degree of social interaction. These restrictions have led to large socio-economic differentials between different caste groups. Caste divisions dominate in housing, marriage, employment, and general social interaction.

Caste discrimination influences the weaker section of the society and constitutes a violation of a cross-section of human rights, including civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights. A survey in rural India demonstrates that “untouchability” is not only present in most of rural India but has adapted to new socio-economic realities taking on new forms. People of lower caste are denied or restricted to access to water, temples, public offices, health services, cremation grounds etc. Not only this, they are being treated discriminatorily in schools, educational institutions, and restaurants. We hear many news related to violence against Dalits, multiple discrimination against Dalit women, untouchability and access to basic services.

Caste discrimination affects society by making people more exposed to prejudice, stereotyping and other things. These differences often cause disputes within the society. Caste System is the precursor of Communal Violence by continuously suppressing a section of people. It forces lower caste people to take weapons in their hands. Naxalite, Maoist movements are just aggression of lower caste people on economic inequality. Caste discrimination is a bane to Indian democracy. Top leaders and politicians play caste politics to sustain power and earn wealth.


The Constitution of India abolished untouchability. The Indian government initiated national affirmative action policies to improve the status and living conditions of low-caste groups (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) by introducing caste-based quotas in political representation, public sector jobs and education. The recent years have witnessed some relaxation in caste restrictions. However, one cannot say the evils of the caste system have been totally eradicated. It will take time and will be eradicated when the mindset of the people changes. Education can bring the next generation new blood with a new vision. We hope that a time will come when absolute equality in the matter of earning a livelihood would be enjoyed by all the citizens of our country. In the modern context, our society changes and loves each other, which helps to abolish the caste discrimination.

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