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Circulatory System

All living organisms require few fundamental elements like food, water and air to support their life. On a daily basis, we ensure these elements by eating, drinking and breathing. But, how are these transported from one place to another in our body?  Here we will learn about a circulatory system and heart which helps in […]


About UGC NET Exam The National Eligibility Test is an exam conducted to determine the eligibility for university or college level lectureship and for the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for Indian nationals. Till recently The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the National Eligibility Test (NET) on behalf of University Grants Commission […]

Physics Tuition

Physics is one of the oldest academic subjects; perhaps it can be said the oldest by the inclusion in astronomy. The subject is a part of natural philosophy along with certain branches of science and mathematics from the last two millennia. It sounds frustrating that the subject of science also requires a basic of math […]

Important Topics Of Physics Class 12 …

Every student work hard to get good marks in the 12th board exam. But the most important approach to study should be following a systematic study plan. In case of the major subjects in CBSE class 12th like maths, physics and chemistry, students find these subjects difficult because they don’t understand the basics. So, students […]

Excretory system

Life of every organism depends on certain basic processes. Excretion is one among them. Different organisms follow different modes of excretion. In complex organisms such as humans there is a specialized system for excretion called excretory system. Let’s think and learn more about the excretory system and modes of excretion in animals. Excretory system As […]

De Morgan’s First Law

De Morgan’s Laws: A well-defined collection of objects or elements is known as a set. Various operations like complement of a set, union and intersection can be performed on two sets. These operations and their usage can be further simplified using a set of laws known as De Morgan’s Laws. These are very easy and […]

Corrosion of Metals

In our daily life we would have seen some of the following things happening like silver spoons in our house get a black coating. Old copper bridges deteriorate and it turns green in colour. We would have also seen the gates of some old houses which are not painted for a long time gets a […]

Introduction to Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equations: The theory of equations deals with the solution of algebraic equations. Quadratic Equations are a particular case of the theory of equations. As it is known that quadratics are represented by parabolas which look similar to a smiley in layman terms. The motion of the balls while juggling, the motion of roller coaster […]

Acids and Bases – Uses and Type…

Introduction Acid is a substance which releases hydrogen ion and bases are the substance which releases hydroxide ions in water. An atom when accepts or releases electrons, it forms an ion. When an atom gains an electron, it is known as an anion whereas when it loses electrons, it forms a cation. When ions are […]

A Complete Guide for CBSE Students

CBSE is one of the primary education boards in India and important system of education in India. It sets a base for common education system for all the students in a country that has a rich heritage and cultural diversity. Students will be provided with a complete CBSE guide on Syllabus, periodic updates on latest […]

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Which of the following birth control measure can be considered as the safest?