Chemistry App

Chemistry App

Importance of Chemistry and Chemistry App

Chemistry has a great importance in daily life in an important and different way, as it studies about the diverse topics with subject matter which would be relevant to the topics like medicine, health, food, cooking, etc. Understanding this subject even helps us to stay safer. This is because of the elements and the compounds that are studied in the laboratory and the results of which can be applied in all the real world issues. Right from study of toxicity of chemicals up to the ability of prediction of food, chemistry in all ways helps us in consuming and using the chemicals safely.

With the introduction of Apps for Chemistry, understanding and learning this diverse subject has become a fun learning experience for the students. Technology has taken a new wing, by these creations. The chemistry apps for the students provides a good access to the themed supplements on to the emerging topics in the field of chemical education.

This Chemistry App supports various fascinating and featuring articles, news and also opinions, research in the chemistry education, reviews and demonstrations for the latest resources. These apps also helps in knowing better the importance of various concepts in chemistry and the fun facts related to the Atom, chemical elements, compounds, the periodic table, chemical reactions, formulas, and many more.

Benefit of Learning with Chemistry App

Most of the students find it difficult as well as a bit bored to learn chemistry as a subject. And moreover, this subject needs to be explored practically for better its understanding. In line with this and to make the subject more interesting and interactive for the students, this chemistry app is here.

With these apps, students gain a good knowledge and learn new and various exciting experiments, they learn to solve chemical equations easily and also look into and get to know the atomic and the molecular world of chemistry.

Learn with Byju’s Chemistry App

Byju’s Learning app provides you a fun learning experience with whichever subject you go with such as Physics, Maths, Biology, chemistry, etc. The Byju’s chemistry app is provided with a number of chemistry quiz programs, interactive study sessions, Engaging Video Lessons, unique video class modules, chapter wise tests and also regular video tests conducted for the class 6 up to the class 12. The app uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the best visualization and understanding of the topics.

Chemistry App

The benefits a student acquires with the use of Byju’s chemistry app are given below-

  • The App provides an ease of learning about the Periodic table- Memorising the elements and compounds of the periodic table would be one of the most difficult tasks for a student. The Byju’s chemistry app is incorporated with the interactive periodic table that enables a clear understanding of each and every element in chemistry. The app also helps in knowing the properties as well as definitions of various elements of table.

Chemistry App

  • A detailed understanding given on 3D molecules (edit & Test) – The app is so designed for the students to help them in learning how to draw the structures, viewing them in the form of 3D models, help to visualise the atomic orbitals and also to see the electronic effects. Also, there is an test mode that helps the student for self-assessment.
  • The App covers wide range of topics- This app comes with a complete package and covers all the topics and chapters related to chemistry accordingly. The topics includes- Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Periodic Chemistry, State of Matter, Stoichiometry, Energy and Energy Change, Solubility of Substance, Acids, Bases and Salts, Rate of Reactions, etc for the class 6 up till the class 12. It provides a complete coverage of all the topics of state-level Boards, CBSE and syllabus.

Apart from the above, the BYJU’S chemistry app covers tutorials, quizzes, formulas, solver, etc. The Complete set of chemistry offers the quiz section mainly for the evaluation of your knowledge and the areas which you will need to improve in chemistry.

In overall, Byju’s aims to make learning an enjoyable process for the students who begin to study not just for the exams, but for the life!

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