City Life vs. Village Life Essay

500+ Words City Life vs. Village Life Essay

Over the past few years, India has developed rapidly and various changes are seen in the country. A lot of effort has been made to make the lives of the people better. India is a country where we can see the rural areas on the one hand and urban areas on the other hand. Both of them are important for our economy and the development of our country. With the help of City Life vs. Village Life Essay, students will understand the lifestyle of people living in villages and cities. Also, we have drawn a nice comparison between city life and village life to help them understand in a better way. They can also go through the list of CBSE Essays on different topics and practise them to improve their writing skills.

Education in City Life vs. Village Life

In cities, we can find good schools, colleges and universities where students can get quality education. They can easily access the resources starting from primary education to post graduation. However, if we look at villages, there are very few schools. In fact most of the villages have only primary schools. After that, students have to go to the cities to continue their education.

Medical Facility in Cities vs. Villages

People living in cities have access to the best medical facilities. There are good hospitals and specialists so people can get the best treatment for any kind of disease. However, in the villages, there are no such medical facilities available. There are many villages without even a healthcare centre. Villagers have to travel to get medical treatment, and it’s not necessary that they get a specialist doctor for them.

Lifestyle of People in the City vs. Village

The lifestyle of people living in the cities is better as compared to that of the villages. People have jobs, hence their income is high. Due to that, they get to live a luxurious life. They have all the facilities near to them, so their living standard becomes higher. However, in villages, people are mostly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. They have limited resources. So, their living standard is such that it only fulfils their basic needs. They don’t live a luxurious life and don’t enjoy the comforts of city life.

Employment Opportunity in Cities vs. Villages

People in cities have opportunities to choose their career as per their interest. They can join any organisation and company that they want to work in. People in cities are doctors, engineers, IT professionals, professors, teachers, government servants, diplomats, advocates etc. But, in villages, people do not have so many career choices. They are mostly engaged in agriculture, and if they have enough money, they open up a small business like a grocery store.

Natural Environment in Cities vs. Villages

Cities are mostly crowded with people and have high population density. Also, there are various factories, industries and transport vehicles running which deteriorate the environment of the city. We see that most of the cities face air, water and noise pollution. Also, the quality of air is very poor in such cities. On the contrary, Villages have good air quality. There the level of pollution is very less as compared to cities. People enjoy the fresh air and atke healthy diet. They are less likely to fall ill as compared to city people.

Life in the city and village have their own advantages and disadvantages. We can’t say which life is better. Each plays an important role in the development of a nation. So, we should respect both the life of the city and village, and put much effort into overcoming their drawbacks.

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