CBSE Class 10 Biology Syllabus

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Some of the topics covered are found in the science textbook from chapters 6 to 9 and Chapter 15 and 16:

  • Life Processes
  • Control and Coordination
  • How Do Organism Reproduce
  • Heredity and Evolution
  • Our Environment
  • Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

CHAPTER 6:Life Processes

6.1 What are Life Processes?

6.2 Nutrition

6.3 Respiration

6.4 Transportation

6.5 Excretion

CHAPTER 7:Control And Coordination

7.1 Animals -Nervous System

7.2 Coordination in Plants

7.3 Hormones in Animals

CHAPTER 8:How Do Organisms Reproduce?

8.1 Do Organisms create exact copies of themselves?

8.2 Modes of Reproduction used by Single Organisms

8.3 Sexual Reproduction

CHAPTER 9:Heredity And Evolution

9.1 Accumulation of Variation during Reproduction

9.2 Heredity

9.3 Evolution

9.4 Speciation

9.5 Evolution and Classification

9.6 Evolution should not be equated with ‘Progress’

CHAPTER 15:Our Environment

15.1 Eco-System- What are its Components?

15.2 How do our Activities affect the Environment?

CHAPTER 16:Sustainable Management Of Natural Resources

16.1 How do we Manage our Resources?

16.2 Forests and Wildlife

16.3 Water for all

16.4 Coal and Petroleum

16.5 An Overview of Natural Resource Management

Practise This Question

Reagrding assertion and reason, select the right option:
Assertion: Absorption of digested food mainly occurs in the stomach.
Reason: Stomach produces the hormone gastrin and the intrinsic factor and it liquefies ingested food.