CBSE Class 6 Biology Syllabus

Byju’s brings you CBSE Class 6 biology syllabus and also NCERT solutions for class biology for students. We provide updated syllabus and well-evaluated question papers to students on our website. Students can refer textbooks where students can find correct solutions to difficult topics related to biology. Byju’s offers CBSE Class 6 biology syllabus, solutions and study material to NCERT textbooks for class 6 biology to students preparing for their exams. Students can look up answers of their textbook and understand concepts much better and prepare for their examinations with help of these syllabus.

If a student has trouble understanding a topic related to biology, the student can go through questions and answers related to each topic covered in Class 6 biology. Byju’s provides NCERT solutions for class 6 biology in pdf format as well. These pdf books are free to download and students can have access to these NCERT solutions anywhere and anytime according to their convenience. Byju’s provides All necessary topics are properly included in this syllabus

Some of the topics covered are given in the science textbook and are from chapters 1 and 2, 7 to 9 and 16 :

  • Food: where does it come from?
  • Components of food
  • Getting to know plants
  • Body movements
  • The Living organisms – Characteristics And Habitats
  • Garbage in, garbage out

CHAPTER 1:Food:Where Does It Come From?

1.1 Food Variety

1.2 Food Materials and Sources

1.3 Plant Parts and Animal Products As Food

1.4 What Do Animals Eat?

CHAPTER 2:Components Of Food

2.1 What Do Different Food Items Contain?

2.2 What Do Various Nutrients Do For Our Body?

2.3 Balanced Diet

2.4 Deficiency Diseases

CHAPTER 7:Getting To Know Plants

7.1 Herbs, Shrubs and Trees

7.2 Stem

7.3 Leaf

7.4 Root

7.5 Flower

CHAPTER 8:Body Movements

8.1 Human Body and Its Movements

8.2 “Gait Of Animals”

CHAPTER 9:The Living Organisms- Characteristics and Habitats

9.1 Organisms and The Surroundings Where They Live

9.2 Habitat and Adaptation

9.3 A Journey Through Different Habitats

9.4 Characteristics Of Organisms

CHAPTER 16:Garbage In Garbage Out

16.1 Dealing With Garbage

16.2 Vermicomposting

16.3 Think and Throw

16.4 Recycling Of Paper

16.5 Plastics- Boon or a Curse?

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