Class Sixth

Motion and Measurements of Distances

A.1 History of Transportation

A.2 Measurement of Length – Distance

A.3 Conventional Methods of Measurement

A.4 Standard Units of Measurement

A.5 Types of Motion

Light, Shadows, and Reflection

B.1 Object types – transparent,translucent and opaque.

B.2 Shadows

B.3 Eclipse : Solar and Lunar Eclipse

B.4 Pinhole camera

B.5 Mirrors and reflections

Electricity and Circuits

C.1 Electric current:

C.2 Electric circuit

C.3 Components of basic electric circuit : Cell , Switch, and Bulb

C.4 Conductor

C.5 Insulator

Fun with Magnets

D.1 Discovery of Magnets

D.2 Magnet

D.3 Poles of a magnet

D.4 Like poles repel and unlike poles attract

D.5 Magnetic Field of Earth and Compass

Practise This Question

Which of the following statements is true about air?