Deforestation is the loss of green cover due to the cutting of trees for personal and commercial purposes. There was a time when we used to worship plants and animals and now is the time when we cut them brutally. India has a long history of worshipping trees like the tulsi plant, peepal tree, banyan tree, etc. because we always thought of them as life givers. Plants do a lot of things to keep us alive. For example, Plants consume carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and give us oxygen that we breathe. Not only this but on earth, around 80,000 species are edible plants and about 70,000 species of plants are used for medicinal purposes.

Forests cover almost 30% of the earth’s land area. Trees also play a significant role in maintaining the water cycle and give shelter to many organisms. So we can conclude that every one person out of six people on the planet depends on the forest for their survival. This is why forests are known as the life-givers. But in today’s era, it is very depressing to say that about 80% of the world’s original forests are cleared and destroyed for farming, agriculture, industrialization, townships, etc. Almost 68% of the entire plant kingdom are now endangered species.

Approximately one and a half acre of forests are cut down every single second. The main causes of deforestation are agricultural activities, urbanization, cattle ranching, commercial purposes. It should be controlled to have a right environmental balance. Consequences of deforestation include Air pollution, global warming, soil erosion, landslide, floods, etc. which are increasing day by day. Roots of the trees hold the soil which firmly prevents soil erosion and landslide. The adverse effects of deforestation leading to environmental imbalance are now visible. To resolve the effects of deforestation, we should do afforestation. We should plant a sapling whenever a tree is cut.

This was just the brief layout about deforestation. To know more about it and clear your doubts easily watch the video.

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More trees in an area cause more soil erosion.