Electric Car

The electric car project is a mechanical engineering challenge. It is often used be a competition for students driving a DC electric motor car powered by batteries. In this experiment the transmission of the force from the motor to a wheel axle is carried through two gears and a rubber band that acts as a belt.

To power up the car, we are using a battery in this experiment and a paper clip as a switch that connects and disconnects the circuit. The car chassis is made of plastic board, you can even use wooden piece as a chassis, but make sure the chassis is lighter so that the car moves forward without any effort.

Electric car

By the end of this project you will explore many things including a simple propulsion method of physics, design concepts, a concept of converting stored chemical energy into mechanical energy and a simple electric circuit.

Materials Required

  1. A plastic board for car chassis
  2. Four wheels
  3. Four tire rings
  4. Battery
  5. Battery holder
  6. Electric motor
  7. Motor mount
  8. Transmission pulley
  9. Rubber bands
  10. Paper clips
  11. Screws
  12. Straw


  1. Cut the plastic board for car chassis
  2. Cut straw into 4 equal pieces
  3. Make axles by drawing two lines and also mark two points that should be 6mm away from the all four sides.
  4. Now, insert eye screw one each of the point, this act as holder for the axles.
  5. Ensure the alignment of axles are straight and spin the freely. Now use the four piece of straw and place them as a spacer between wheel and chassis.
  6. After making space for the wheels, now insert wheels on all four sides. One the back wheel you need to insert a gear or a pulley to make it spin as the according to the motor.
  7. Use a paper clip as a switch, fix it on the plastic base and secure it in a way that the head of the paper clip is on the side.
  8. Place the batter with the mount and fix it on the base. Now connect one wire to the paper clip.
  9. Fix the motor with mount and place it securely next to the the battery. Connect one wire to battery and another to the switch.
  10. Now place the rubber band – one end on the motor and another to the rear wheel gear. That’s it, move the paper clip to start the motor, your electric car is ready.


The electric car is an example for an alternative transport facility. Due to the lack of supply in oil and petroleum products, the cost transport has increased as well as increase in environmental pollution. By this project it is proved that an electric car can be a significant method of transport alternative to the vehicles that runs on petroleum products as fuel. This project will explore majorly on new concept simple propulsion method of force and motion and converting stored chemical energy into a mechanical energy.

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