Electric Generator

In this project a moving magnetic field is fixed at the center of a coil to produce electricity to light up a tiny bulb.

Electric Generator

Materials Required

  1. Coil of Magnet Wire
  2. Strong Magnet
  3. Nail
  4. Light bulb
  5. Sand paper
  6. Wood pieces
  7. Base for light bulb
  8. Wood glue
  9. Insulation tape


Step 1: Make a hole in the middle of wooden pieces. Find a large nail and thread one of the circles to the nail.

Step 2: Cover the quarter part of the nail with single layer of tape. While, add more tape on the other sides of the circle.

Step 3: Wind the coil of magnet wire on the insulated part of the nail between the two circles.

Step 4: Now, take a free end of the wire and attach it to a bulb or an LED.

Step 5: Bring magnet close to the head of the nail and while holding it near move the magnet from side to side. You will see the bulb or LED will start lighting up.


The generator model operates by a magnetic field produce an electric into a coil. The voltage increases depending on the number of wire turned including size of the coil. The magnetic field strength also increase considering the strength of coil. The magnetic field should be in continuous motion to induce electricity. This can be done by constant moving of magnet or coil. It should be moved in a systematic way that the coil continually be near through the magnetic field.

The nail also plays a vital role in this electric generator model as it concentrate the magnetic field. The nail acts as a magnetic flux because of it is wrapped with coil and boosts the efficiency of increase in voltage.

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