• A Electrical Tape
  • Few Paper Clips
  • Masking Tape
  • Wire Cutter
  • A Long Nail
  • D – Cell Batteries of 1.5 Volts, lantern battery of twelve volts.
  • A Hobby Knife. It is available at a hobby shop, hardware or electronic shop.
  • Now coming to the methodology, wrap the wire around the nail tightly. It should be wrapped at least fifty times. Cut the wires at each end leaving few inches.
  • Tape the wire from the top of the nail to the negative end of the battery. Ensure wire should touches the end of the battery.
  • Now, open the Knife Switch.
  • Connect the wire from terminal end of the knife switch to the nail.
  • Tape another short piece of wire to the positive end of the battery.
  • Connect the wire from the terminal end of the knife switch to the battery.
  • By closing the knife switch, the circuit closes. When it is done a circuit is created where in electric current flows through it around the nail.


When an electric current passes through around the nail, a magnetic field is created. When a wire that is conducting electricity is twisted into a coil then it is termed as solenoid.

Practise This Question

Which of the following are not electromagnetic waves