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Birds are unique creatures that can fly. A beautiful scene is present when they fly and spread wings in the sky. During the morning and evening, the Earth resonates with different kinds of birds. Their residence enhances the beauty of forest provinces. Everyone is fascinated by their attractive colours. They have big feathers that help them lift their bodies in the air. There are hundreds of birds on Earth, each of them is unique. Birds are an essential part of our environment, and they exist in a variety of breeds.

Importance of Birds

Birds are an essential part of the ecosystem and food chain. They carry seeds and disperse them into different places that grow into beautiful plants. It helps various plants grow in favourable conditions, allowing them to survive and reproduce. For example, a hummingbird plays a significant role in pollinating plants by picking male gamete and then dispersing it on female gamete.

Birds also help humans by eating the pests that could cause significant harm to their crops and livestock. They eat hundreds of insects by gliding through the air. One of the importance of birds is that their droppings are rich in uric acid, which gets easily transformed into ammonia that proves to be excellent fertilisers for plants.

Carnivorous birds eat insects, rodents and snakes, indirectly controlling their overpopulation. They also eat corpses of dead animals that keep nature clean of decaying matter. Omnivorous birds that survive on eating animals and plants, and herbivorous birds that eat only fruits and plants help in seeds dispersal. Seed dispersal happens when the bird eats the whole fruit and leaves the seeds on the ground. Later, these seeds grow into new plants, helping the environment spread beautifully.

Birds vary in different shapes and sizes. Some birds could be as small as 2 inches (e.g. Bee hummingbird) to as big as 2.75 metres (like an Ostrich). Fossil records indicate the emergence of birds as old as 160 million years ago.

Extinction of Birds

Due to the greed of human beings, birds are going extinct. Birds are hunted down by humans and caged to sell it later. Primarily, birds are hunted for their feathers, meat, and eggs. Aquatic birds are also in great danger because of the pollutants from industrial wastes. Pesticides, mainly artificial, are also dangerous for birds. It pollutes the air, and then birds inhale this polluted air. This also worsens the health of birds.

My Best-Loved Bird

Parrot is a beautiful bird, green in colour with a curved red beak. Parrots are brilliant birds and are good at mimicking sounds. Their life span is 30 to 40 years, and they can imitate birds, animals and even humans. It is one reason why children love this bird. It looks so beautiful when swarms of parrots fly in the sky. That’s the reason I love parrots.

Usually, small and medium-sized parrots survive by eating seeds, oats, nuts, and fruits. Parrots lifespan depends on their species. Some parrots have a single bright colour, while some are a rainbow of different colours.

Larger birds, like Cockatoos and Macaws, have a life span of 80 years and smaller ones like lovebirds have a shorter life span of about 15 years. Consequently, parrots are birds that are valuable for commercial purposes. In some cultures, the bird is considered sacred, and because of it, people are taking strict measures to protect the bird from getting extinct.

People are taking measures to ensure parrots get excellent treatment worldwide. Many cultures also consider them sacred.

Parrots are my favourite bird. It sits on my shoulder whenever it wants to play and never flies away. Parrots should not be captured in a cage as they are brilliant birds and love to live freely. I used to have a pet parrot, which I never kept caged.

Conclusion of the Essay on Birds

Birds provide so much to this world and us. They are an integral part of our environment. Unfortunately, they are in danger because of hunting. Many birds are on the verge of getting extinct due to poaching, hunting and disruption of the ecological balance. Now, we must protect them and save our ecosystem from falling apart.

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Frequently asked Questions on birds Essay

What is the smallest living bird breed?

Bee Humming bird is the smallest bir breed and measures two and quarter inches.

What are the reasons for extinction of brids?

Hunting, slaughtering for various human purposes are the main reasons for extinction of birds. Climate changes and natural resource depletion is another main reason for the same.

Name some endangered bird species in India.

Some endangered bird species in India are: 1. Great Indian Bustard 2. Forest Owlet 3. Bengal Florican 4. Himalayan Quail 5. Indian Vulture

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