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Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds on the earth. It is the National Bird of India. It has a long neck and beautiful feathers that are blue and is proud of its tail. Peacock is also a significant part of Indian History. It was declared the National Bird of India in 1963 and protected under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. This bird mostly loves to live in forests or dense places like compact trees. But, unfortunately, the most beautiful bird has bad-looking legs. We can find peacocks in any part of India but mainly in Assam, Mizoram, Jammu & Kashmir, and Peninsula. The bird can adapt to weather conditions and survive in hot deserts and cold regions. It loves to eat snakes, worms, and fruits. Peacocks are shy, so they hide in the bushes when they see any humans. This essay on peacock will help students know about peacock and the reason why this bird is so special. This information will help students to write their own essay on peacock and also boost their essay writing skills.

Peacocks love to dance in the rain, and watching them dance is a great pleasure. It is popular because of its spectacular beauty and hypnotic appearance. Its beautiful colours look attractive, which gives comfort to our eyes. When it comes to our Indian tradition, the bird has significant religious involvement. Go through this essay on peacock to know its significance in detail.

Peacock Physical Appearance Essay

Peacocks are the male species with stunningly beautiful appearance. Peacock is the largest and heaviest bird, has a small mouth with a vast body and long thin neck. The weight of the peacock is about 5 to 10 kg and is intelligent, cautious, and shy. The body colour of the peacock is blue and purple, and its feet are beige white with sharp and pointed claws. The bird is also called Neelkanth because of its blue neck.

On its head, the bird has a half-moon-shaped crown of small wings. One of the most remarkable features is its beautiful tail, called a train. This train fully developed after four years of hatching. It has about 200 moon-shaped hollow wings. In Hindu culture, the peacock has great significance because Lord Krishna carries the peacock’s feather on his head, and the peacock is also the vehicle of Lord Shiva’s son Karthik.

In comparison to peacocks, peahens’ colours are somewhat dull. The head and neck area has bright, greenish-blue feathers, and the back has bronze feathers. The size of the Indian peacocks is an average of 100-115 cm from beak to tail. But, the feathers of the tail grow much longer than the entire body, reaching lengths of over 200 cm. Only the male species have tail feathers.

Essay on Behaviour of Peacock

The peacock is well-known for its elegant and striking display of feathers. The success of mating can be spotted by a number of eyespots in a male’s courtship. They spread their train and flash it for courtship display.

Peacocks come under species of omnivorous animals as they feed on fruits, insects, seeds, and small mammals. They love to stay in small groups, probably, one single male and three to five females. When they sense any danger, they prefer running rather than fighting with other animals.

After the mating, peacocks and peahens do not see each other. Peahens go to lay their eggs, and usually, it will be three to four brown eggs. She digs a hole in the ground and hides it with bushes or tall grass to lay the eggs. Then, she sits on the eggs for 28 days. She raises the young ones called peachicks.


Peacock is one of the elegant and magnificent birds. It is named the National Bird of India because of its bright, colourful plumage and cultural implications. The bird has also been portrayed in India’s poetry, dance, music, stone carvings, and traditions. Our National Bird is known for its beauty. Due to this reason, it has been a source of inspiration for various artists. Even a tiny glimpse of this bird brings delight to our eyes and heart. Peacock is the pride of India.

This bird is not just adorned in India; it is well-known worldwide for its beauty and elegance. But, unfortunately, its natural habitat has been destroyed by humans, now classified as a vulnerable species. So, before it becomes extinct, we should take strict measures to protect the beautiful bird.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Peacock

Name the National Bird of India.

In 1963, the peacock was declared the National Bird of India because of its rich religious and legendary involvement in Indian traditions.

During which season peacock dance?

Mostly during rainy season peacock perform the dance and showcase its beautiful feathers.

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