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India has come a long way from the initial days of evolution under conditions of high mortality. These deaths happened due to famines, accidents, illness, infections and war. The twentieth century witnessed an unprecedented rapid improvement in health care technologies and access to health care all over the world. As a result, there was a steep fall in mortality and steep increase in longevity. Owing to this, the population has undergone a fourfold increase in a hundred years and has reached 6 billion. In this Essay on Population, we will be discussing the consequences of population growth and methods to control it. This topic of population growth is crucial from an exam perspective, so students must practise writing essays on similar topics to increase their scores in the English exam.

Population Essay

Population refers to the number of people in a single area whether it be a city, town, region or a country. It is important for any country to keep its population under control. There are many countries which are facing the population growth problem whereas there are a few countries which are struggling with low population. Every year census counting is done in India to create a record of the population growth. It helps in understanding the growth rate and steps can accordingly be taken to control the population growth.

The reasons that contribute to the population growth in India are high illiteracy rate, uneducated women, marrying of girls at low age and male dominance in the family. As Indian society is primarily male dominated, all the decisions related to finance or family are taken by men. Women are forced to have kids till they don’t give birth to a baby boy. Many families are poor, so they are of the view that with more children, there will be more hands to earn money.

Consequences of Population Growth

India is the second most populous country in the world. It accounts for more than 17% of the world population. The size and growth of India’s population have remained a matter of great interest not only to India but also to the outside world. The increase in population has resulted in depletion of more natural resources to meet the needs of people such as food, clothing, shelter, education, health facilities, etc. Global warming due to excessive use of fossil fuels to meet the needs of people is seriously affecting our environment. The emission of greenhouse gas is increasing the global surface temperature. This has resulted in ecological imbalance which can cause floods, coastal erosion, volcanic eruptions etc. Increasing population has also aggravated the problem of unemployment and poverty. If the population continues to increase in a similar way, then we will be forced to face water shortage, food shortage and will have to struggle for basic needs for life survival.

Measures to Solve the Problem of Population Growth

The only way to control the increasing population growth is by rapidly reducing the birth rate. This can be done by educating people to adopt birth control methods. Emphasis on women’s education and employment can play a major role in achieving this goal. Banning early marriages and raising the age of marriage for both male and females is vital. Institutions and voluntary organisations must help people understand the importance of family planning. People are also motivated to adopt small family norms through incentives of government schemes.

Government has taken various measures and initiatives to control the increasing population with the help of schemes and programmes. Various training institutes and research centres have been set up to train family planning workers. These health centres provide various devices for birth control and provide facilities like immunisation and other health services. The government has also taken steps to promote female education and provide more employment opportunities for women.

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Frequently asked Questions on Population Essay

What is the population of India?

In 2020, India recorded to have a population of 138 crores, seconding China.

What are the advantages of population growth?

1. Higher economic growth 2. Efficiency of population density 3. Rural-urban migration 4. Greater human capital

Which is the least populated country?

Vatican city is the least populated country with a population of about less than 1000 people

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