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500+ Words Essay on Happiness

Happiness differs for different people in different ways. Most people feel positive emotions when they are happy. Happiness means the mental state of a person, optimistically. It is vital for a healthy and prosperous life.

Happiness is a state of mind and a feeling of excitement when everything is going great. We feel happy when buying a new house or graduating with the best grades. Happiness is all about feeling joyful. Joy refers to a constant state of mind, and happiness depends on events in our lives. Real happiness is not difficult to attain if a man lowers his needs and is happy with whatever he has.

Happiness can be achieved by performing certain deeds. It differs from individual to individual, such as some people find happiness by spending time with their friends, relatives, doing their hobbies, etc.

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Many people try to find happiness in the wrong place and things. There is a false belief that money can buy happiness. If the thought were true, all the rich and famous people would never feel sad. We have witnessed that even rich people suffer from relationship problems, depression, fear, stress and anxiousness. Many well-known celebrities commit suicide due to depression, showing that money and fame can’t buy happiness. But, it doesn’t convey the message that earning money or becoming rich is harmful. If you have money, you can afford things that make yourself and others happy. So, it is better to spend money wisely.

Happiness Comes from Within

Happiness is a feeling that comes from within. It can’t be bought with money, and we can’t find it in others. People can find happiness with the help of positive emotions, which can be obtained from good ideas. But, unfortunately, some people find it irrelevant. In simple words, we can define happiness as a state of mind which cannot be achieved by the things we see outside.

It is widely believed that real happiness can be experienced when one gets enormous success in any professional or academic field. Secondly, meeting your near and dear ones after a long period tastes true happiness. Thirdly, it is seen on the face of people who enjoy celebrating their hobbies’ happiness on weekends, monthly or annually.

Happiness in a Relationship

Happiness is all about earning money for some people, and for some people, it’s all about maintaining relationships. But, they don’t get the fact that they will be happy in a relationship if they are happy from within. In a relationship, the problems increase rapidly because we sit on high expectations from the person from the beginning. We decided that it would make us feel happy, like planning a surprise, giving gifts, etc. This problem is between couples and every relationship, whether it is a parents-children relationship or a sibling relationship or a friendship.

How to find your own happiness?

1. Be with someone who keeps you happy.

According to a study, we feel happy around those people who are also happy. So, stay with those people who are delightful and make you smile.

2. Accept the good.

To be happy, try to keep the things that make you happy. When good things happen, even the tiny ones, let them in.

3. Imagine the best.

Try to look for what you want and make sure you get it. But, many people are afraid to take this path because of disappointment if things don’t work out accordingly.

4. Do things you love.

Do things that make you feel happy, such as spending time with your family, indulging yourself in hobbies, etc. Doing these things once a week is better to find greater happiness.


Happiness and misery go hand in hand in life. On this battlefield of life, everyone has to face challenges. Optimistic happiness can only be obtained through perennial happiness and hope to lead better lives. It is effortless to enjoy and experience happiness by helping the poor, supporting the needy, etc. So, it is not money that can buy you happiness. If you feel happy within yourself, everything around you will make you smile. It also keeps your state of mind relaxed and calm.

Frequently asked Questions on Happiness Essay

What is the real meaning of Happiness?

Happiness is characterised as as emotional state of well being with feelings of joy, satisfaction and contentment.

How to increase happiness in our lives?

1. Problem solving 2. Avoid negative thoughts 3. Practise gratitude and be thankful 4. Be courteous and kind 5. Be supportive to fellow human beings

What are the effects of happiness on health?

1. Lowers stress and cardiac problems 2. Regulates hormones 3. Enables proper sleep 4. Keeps blood pressure in control 5. Allows intake of regular diet

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