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500+ Words Importance of Trees Essay

Trees are a very important part of life for all humans and represent the largest part of the Earth biomass. Have we ever wondered why trees are so important? Let’s look at the role they play in our lives. Trees have given us two essential gifts of life, i.e. food and oxygen. Our streets, parks, playgrounds and backyards are lined with trees. They create a peaceful and pleasing environment where we feel pleasant and relaxed. Many people plant trees as living memorials of life-changing events. Today, the value of trees continues to increase as more benefits of trees are being discovered to satisfy the needs of modern lifestyles. With the help this importance of trees essay, students will get to know the benefits of trees and their importance for human beings.

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Importance of Trees in Our Life

Trees enrich the quality of our life in many ways. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the presence of trees and urban nature can improve people’s mental and physical health, and also improve children’s attention and test scores. Children who have a greener environment are more likely to succeed in exams. Trees can reduce urban temperatures and make us feel pleasant during hot summer days. Trees are essential for healthy people and communities.

One of the most important benefits for human health that trees provide is the reduction of air pollution. Due to air pollution, human health is facing various problems linked to bronchitis symptoms, glaucoma, heart attacks, blood pressure, cognitive development problems in children, heart failure etc. Trees remove a tremendous amount of air pollution and provide fresh air to us. Beyond pollution removal, the presence of trees provides additional direct and indirect benefits to human health and wellness. Trees and greener environments are strongly linked to reduced negative thoughts, reduced symptoms of depression, better moods, and increased life satisfaction. A view of trees can help patients recover in a hospital.

Trees are considered “decentralised green infrastructure” and act as an important tool for managing water, especially in an urban ecosystem. Trees are visible and measurable indicators of the health of an ecosystem. Trees provide many ecosystem services through water purification, erosion prevention, flood defence, carbon sequestration, air temperature control, and regulation of air quality. Trees play a substantial part in tackling the climate crisis. In addition, trees provide a wide range of products of huge value to local livelihoods, national economies and global trade. Timber, fuelwood, wood pulp, medicinal and aromatic products, fruits and nuts are amongst the most valuable products derived from trees.

Trees define and form the major structural components of forest ecosystems. They provide habitat and food for animals. Trees help maintain nutrient-rich soil for other plants to grow, provide shelter and habitat for animals, and help significantly in the water cycle. One of the most significant services that trees provide is the sequestration of carbon, which helps keep the air clean and nearby temperatures at a healthy level. Additionally, trees have a powerful role in providing well-being in both urban and rural environments.

Why to Save Trees

Trees are of vital importance for ecological, cultural and economic well being. Trees define forest distribution, composition and structure. It provides habitat for half the world’s known terrestrial plants and animal species. Trees are highly significant components of biodiversity and carbon storage in many ecosystems such as woodlands, grasslands, as well as artificial and urban environments. The interlinked biodiversity crisis and challenge of global climate change cannot be addressed without informed management of tree species. The main threats to tree species are forest clearance and other forms of habitat loss, direct exploitation for timber and other products and the spread of invasive pests and diseases. Climate change is also having a clearly measurable impact. At this alarming time, it becomes crucial that we manage, conserve and restore threatened tree species and tree diversity. This will prevent the extinction of both trees and the associated plants and animals that depend on them. It will ensure sustained livelihoods and the ecological health of the planet.

Without trees, Earth would be a very dry place. The overwhelming evidence from the scientific literature suggests that investing in trees is an investment in meeting sustainable development growth, and ultimately an investment for a better world. Therefore, we should try our best to plant more trees around our surroundings. We should educate people about the importance of trees and encourage them to plant trees to save our future generation.

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Frequently asked Questions on Importance of trees Essay

Why are trees so important?

Trees give us pure air to breathe and also provide shade. Moreover, human beings depend on several products from trees and plants.

What are the effects of deforestation?

1. Soil erosion/pollution 2. Lack of natural resources 3. Increase in greenhouse gases 4. Flooding

Which is the largest tree in the world?

The general Sherman tree is known to be the largest tree.

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