How to Make A Kaleidoscope


Create a kaleidoscope and enjoy the various colors and patterns. The Physics of it is based on light and optics. The light bounces from one mirror to the other creating patterns. Beautiful symmetrical patterns are created due to the careful placement of mirrors.

Things you will need:

  • Plastic (See through and colored)
  • Overhead Transparency Paper
  • Pencil
  • Masking/Duct tape  (One Roll)
  • Mirrored Perspex (3 Pieces)

How to do it:

  1. Use the 3 pieces of mirrored perspex and roll them as a tape in the form of a triangle. Try to ensure that it has a solid and it is taped on the outside of the triangle.
  2. Sketch the small triangle located at the edge of the kaleidoscope to the overhead transparency paper  (set aside 1 cm extra around the triangle to allow folding of the paper).
  3. Keep the transparency paper to the kaleidoscope edge and cut the narrow openings at the edges which would facilitate the folding of the edges easily.
  4. Attach the paper into a separate place.
  5. Make another triangle by drawing it and this time it should be 2 cm larger than the earlier one
  6. Choose the kind of plastic color you would like to put inside the kaleidoscope. Take of small paper cuttings that would set well on the transparent paper.
  7. Place  the colored plastic at the end of the Kaleidoscope that has a transparency paper and add another transparency paper (triangle) a little bigger than the earlier one. Keep the second triangle upside down so that there would be ample space for plastic to shift between the two transparencies.
  8. Once you have finished making the Kaleidoscope, design it in an attractive manner with  colors, glitters and so on.

What happens next?

You might have noticed that the kaleidoscope works by the light shifting through the mirrors inside.  When students look through the mirror, they would find different color patterns owing to the symmetrical pattern formed by the mirrors placed at the right places.

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