School Name Kendriya Vidyalaya
Address A F S Barrackpore P O Bengal Enamel Palta Distt 24 Paragans 743122 West Bengal West Bengal 743122 India
Head/Principal Indra Nand Mishra (M.Sc , M.Ed.)
Status Senior Secondary
Phone Number 03222 560386 , 560386
School Type Kvs
CBSE Affiliation Type Provisional
CBSE Affiliation Period 1/4/2014 To 31/ 3/ 2016
Founded In 1964
Fax Number 0322223220
Email principal196 (at) kvschool (dot) com
Opening Date Not Specified
School Trust Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
School Category Co-Educational
Total Classrooms Not Specified
Land Area Meters: N/AAcres: N/ABuilt-up Area: N/AGround Area: N/A
Students Nursery-LKG: N/AI-V: N/AVI-VIII: N/AIX-X: N/AXI-XII: N/A
Nearest Railway Station Not Specified (In Kilometres: N/A)
Nearest Police Station Not Specified (In Kilometres: N/A)
Nearest Bank Not Specified (In Kilometres: N/A)
Swimming Pool Not Specified
Indoor Games Not Specified
Dance Rooms Not Specified
Gym Not Specified
Music Rooms Not Specified
Health Check-up Not Specified
Hostel Not Specified

Practise This Question

Given are the steps of construction for constructing a triangle ABC whose base length is given say BC, one of the base angles is given, say B  and the difference between the other two sides is also given (AB – AC) considering AB > AC.

Pinku was asked to give the steps of construction for the same. He had mugged up all the steps of construction but forgot one point in between. Following are those steps of construction, let’s see if you can help Pinku with the missing step.

Steps of construction:

Draw the base BC and at point B make an angle say XBC equal to the given angle. Cut the line segment BD equal to (AB – AC) from ray BX. Let it intersect BX at a point A. Join AC

Which of the following do you think is the missing step of this construction?