Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 9

The Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 9 book is one of the best tools to prepare for Class 9 exam along with 10th standard board examination. Class 9 is one of the most crucial time because the basic concepts of Class 10 board examination are taught in this standard. Students must study hard in class 9 to build a strong foundation of all the concepts. Students who want to take biology in class 11 must study hard to score good marks in their class 10 final examination. The Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 9 book is the best when it comes to learning biology. Lakhmir Singh is a reputed and one of the best teachers in India. The Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 9 books are designed in such a way that it will help students understand the concepts of biology with ease.

The Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 9 solutions are one of the best methods to practice biology for the examination. The solutions are prepared by expert biology teaches to help students prepare more effectively. Students are advised to solve Lakhmir Singh Biology Class 9 questions on a regular basis which will help them to increase their speed and accuracy.

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State true or false.
The atmosphere acts like a blanket and helps in controlling the climate. During the day time, it prevents the sudden rise of temperature and during the night, it prevents the heat from escaping away to the outer atmosphere.