Lakhmir Singh Physics Class 10

The Lakhmir Singh Physics Class 10 book is one of the best books to prepare for class 10 board examination. Physics is one of the major subjects in class 10 and students who want to take science stream in the 11th standard must study hard to score good marks in the board exam. The Lakhmir Singh Physics Class 10 solution is one of the best methods to prepare physics for the board examination.

The Lakhmir Singh solutions for class 10 Physics are provided below to help students prepare for the exam more effectively. The solutions are created by teachers according to the latest CBSE syllabus. Students should practice the class 10 Lakhmir Singh Physics questions regularly to prepare effectively for their examination.

The Lakhmir Singh class 10 Physics Solutions are given in the link below. Click the link to get the complete chapter-wise class 10 Physics solutions of Lakhmir Singh.

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Ram has one bar in each hand of his. It is known by him that one of them is a magnet and the other is a magnetic material but not which bar is the magnet or which one is the magnetic material. He brings together the ends of both bars. He feels that there is an attractive force between them. Now he repeats the experiment, but this time he brings together the end of the bar in his left hand and the centre of the bar in his right hand. He experiences an attractive force but one which is weaker than the earlier force.

What could be the correct answer?