Marriage Essay

Marriage is an important social relationship that is accomplished by different rituals and ceremonies. Through marriage, two persons of the opposite sex get social approval to live together as husband and wife. Marriage marks the beginning of a new phase of life for the bride and the groom. This marriage essay will help students understand the importance of marriage for society as well as for individuals. Students can also go through the list of CBSE Essays on different topics to improve their writing skills. By doing so, they will be able to participate in different essay writing competitions conducted at school and state levels.

500+ Words Marriage Essay

Every individual has to play a number of roles in his or her life, such as mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunty etc. Each role has its own significance. Among these, one of the important roles is of husband and wife. Marriage is a beautiful bond in which a man and woman tie the knot to live together forever. Marriage satisfies the physical, psychological, social, cultural and economic needs of a man and woman. It permits them to establish a stable relationship with each other in order to form a family.

Indian View on Marriage

In Hindu society, marriage is an important Sanskar (religious duty). Every Hindu person must perform the dharma of getting married. Through this, a person enters the second stage of life, i.e. Grihastha Ashram, leaving behind the stage of the Brahmacharya Ashram. In traditional Hindu society, only a married man gets the right to participate fully in all the social and religious activities along with his wife. It points out three main aims of marriage. These are dharma (duty), praja (progeny) and rati (sexual satisfaction). That is to say, marriage is significant from both the societal as well as the individual’s point of view. Both a man and a woman are regarded as incomplete without marriage.

Even among other communities in India, marriage is regarded as an essential obligation. Islam looks upon marriage as “sunnah” (an obligation) which must be fulfilled by every Muslim. Christianity holds marriage as crucial to life and lays emphasis on the establishment of a mutual relationship between husband and wife and on their duty to each other.

Marriage is a ritual that purifies a person. It is considered so sacred that there is no provision for divorce in the Hindu texts. In fact, marriage is considered a union of two souls which remain faithful to each other forever. The former President of India, Dr Radhakrishnan, said that “Marriage is not a mere convention, but an implicit condition of human society. It is an institution devised for the expression and development of love. Its purpose is not only the generation and nurturing of children but also the enrichment of the personality of the husband and wife through the fulfilment of their need, in which each may supplement the life of the other, and both may achieve completeness”.

Minimum Age for Marriage

The minimum age of marriage for both boys and girls is 21 years. Previously, the age of marriage for girls was 18. Now, it has been raised to 21 years by the Government of India. This has been done to empower the women. Girls should become physically, mentally and financially independent before getting married. This has also helped in completing the education of girls and has helped in eliminating the social evils like dowry, women harassment, killing the girl child in mother’s womb etc.

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