My Favourite Leader Essay

Everyone has some unique qualities that differ them from others. Everyone is born with some cause and reasons. Everyone has some role to play in this world. We get inspired by the personality of the people with whom our qualities and thoughts coincide. So, we all have our favourite leader who inspires us in our life and helps us to succeed. My favourite leader is A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. With the help of “My Favourite Leader Essay”, I will describe the qualities that I liked in Kalam Sir and how he motivated me to achieve my goals in life. However, this is just a sample essay for reference, each student can have a different leader. They can use this my favourite leader essay as a reference to understand how to put thoughts in an effective way to create an impressive essay. For student’s convenience, we have also compiled the CBSE Essays on different topics for their practice. It will help them to participate in various essay writing competitions.

500+ Words My Favourite Leader Essay

My favourite leader is Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He was a very humble and compassionate leader who worked hard to achieve his goals. He is not only a good leader but also a good scientist who played a significant role in the initial days of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in India. Kalam Sir always motivates people and has a special affection towards children. He had visited many schools and given motivational speeches to children.

The simplicity of character with which Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam lived is itself an inspiration for many.

Apart from his many qualities like being a ‘missile man’, a great scientist, India’s former president, he had great love for students and inspired young learners throughout his whole lifetime in many ways. In spite of being born in a middle class family, he reached the epitome of success owing to his dedication and honesty.

It was when I was in class 8 that I got the opportunity to read one of his famous books, The Wings of Fire. It is an autobiography of A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir. The book inspired me to regain my focus in studies and avoid various distractions. In this book he shares his thoughts on various conflicts that the human mind goes through while pursuing one’s goal in life. The book teaches us about the clarity and simplicity with which one can navigate to fulfilling one’s dreams and also highlights the good qualities and intentions hidden in human hearts to take decisive action in utmost necessity. This book helped me a lot in my studies as well as in self improvement. It stabilises my unorganised mind to bring back focus on my studies instead of splitting my focus in various self-destructive directions. It’s a fantastic book for students and youngsters to read through. It can really fire up the wings of your dreams to make them happen in a wonderful way.

The many things that one can learn from the life of Dr Kalam are: Dedication, towards your goals and dreams; Tolerance, so that no behaviour or act of others can break your determination; Humility, so that none of your achievements makes you so proud that you start getting angry and intolerant; Conviction, to your ideals and morals so that you are able to discriminate the right from the wrong.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was a great man. There are some peculiarities of Kalam sir which inspires me like positivity, determination, perseverance, innovation and the attitude of never giving up. Although these things are found in all great and successful personalities, I find him among them as a DHRUVA STAR which shines brightly, lighting the paths of India’s highly talented people. Now, he is not with us, but I think he is present within us in the form of his thoughts of creativity and innovation.

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