Necessity is the Mother of Invention Essay

500+ Words Necessity is the Mother of Invention Essay

Human behaviour requires motivation to direct towards a goal. Also, necessity forces us to deal with some problems. That’s not to say under all circumstances of necessity will invention arise. That depends on the difficulty of the problems that arise out of that necessity on the one side and the inventiveness of the person challenged on the other.

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The terms “invention”, “creativity”, and “innovation” have been significant areas of interest in scientific research for the past few decades. A number of scholars devoted their empirical work to observing and analysing the rise of these phenomena, realising the importance of their existence in practice. Similarly, numerous organizations are constantly promoting an organizational culture which values novelty. This essay on necessity is the mother of invention is dedicated to the essential conditions under which the creativity of individuals may be enriched.

In some ways, the phrase necessity is the mother of invention is more true in its reverse form: that is, without necessity, invention often doesn’t occur. If we could live without any effort at all, would we ever do anything at all?

We only invent what we need. It isn’t entirely true, there was no need for a flying machine, but that did not stop people like Wright Brothers and others from experimenting with such devices. Radar was invented before a need emerged for a method to detect approaching enemy aircraft. However, the need to solve a problem does often drive the research to invent a solution to that problem. Perhaps a better expression may be “Curiosity and experimentation is the mother of invention”.

It’s a simple one but really a good example of what necessity can bring upon you. During my postgraduation, I stayed in a room with my roommate. As he was good at cooking, I never paid any heed to cooking and got healthy and nutritious food through him. In recent days, when it was raining heavily, he had to leave for his hometown. On a Sunday, it was pouring outside and eventually, I could not step outside. Having no option left, I had to cook for myself. With the help of some online videos, I made veg biryani with the stuff present in our room. Amazingly it was tasty and awesome to eat.

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