The main objective of this experiment is to learn how to prepare a periscope and can be used in the peak or pool and around the corner.


  • 2 mirrors of circular in shape
  • 2 PVC pipes of 12″ sections, having a diameter slightly a bit larger than that of the other so that they can easily slide up & down when clubbed together
  • 2 elbow joints- PVC: one is to fit smaller pipe and the other to fit larger one
  • Putty


  1. Make use of putty in order to stick back of mirrors to the inner surface of PVC pipes at an angle of 45°. Why do you think this angle is the best? What can happen suppose this angle was a bit larger or even smaller?
  2. Attach these inner surfaces to pipe with the same size.
  3. Slide larger pipe coming over the smaller one
  4. Decorate it! Yes, paint the patterns helping you in staying hidden.
  5. Look out the elbow eye-piece placed on the on the smaller portion of the pipe and then explore it! You can even slide onto the larger side of the pipe in an up & down position in order to extend the length of the periscope.


Then there is your Periscope.

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