Respiration in Living Organism

In this article, we will be studying about the respiration process in the living organism.

What is respiration

Respiration is the process in which food is broken down into smaller particles along with the liberation of energy. The energy released is utilized for various metabolic activities. In this process oxygen is inhaled inside by a living organism when they breathe in and carbon dioxide is exhaled out. Study about respiratory system for better understanding.


In human beings, oxygen is inhaled inside the human body through nose or mouth. Oxygen is transferred to the entire body and enters the cell. Inside the cell food particles are broken down into smaller pieces in the presence of oxygen. During the breakdown of food particles, energy is released in the form of ATP. This energy released is utilized in certain metabolic activities.

Respiration process

Respiration equation:

C6H12O6      +   6O2      –>     6CO2     +   6H2O  +   ATP

Respiration process can be of two types:

  • Aerobic
  • Anaerobic

Aerobic reactiona nd anaerobic reaction


Breathing is a process in which air moves inside the body and outside the body. It consists of two phase:

  • Inhalation
  • Exhalation
  • Inhalation: Air enters the body of a living organism in this process.


  • Exhalation: In this process, air is released outside the body of a living organism.


Breathing rate: It can be defined as the number of times a person can breathe in a minute. With the increase in physical activity the breathing rate increases.

How do we breathe

The above figure shows the respiration process. In this process, oxygen-rich air enters the body through the nose. From nose, it is transferred to trachea through pharynx and larynx where primary filtration of air takes place. From trachea, air is transferred to the bronchioles in the lungs. Bronchioles are the passageways to the alveoli.


Respiration in animals

In this article, we studied the respiration process and how the flow of air takes place in a living organism. We also got to know about the respiratory organs of different living organisms. To know more about it download BYJUS- the learning app.

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