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Every day thousands of people are killed and injured on the roads. Men, women or children walking, biking or riding to school or work, playing in the streets or setting out on long trips, will never return home, leaving behind shattered families and communities. Millions of people each year will spend long weeks in hospital after severe crashes, and many will never be able to live, work or play as they used to do. News related to road accidents has become common nowadays. Whenever we listen to any news channel or talk to our relatives, neighbours or friends, we come across some news related to the road accident. So, with the help of this essay on road accidents, students will understand the reason why road accidents happen and how these can be minimised. Also, students will become aware of the traffic rule. They can practise CBSE essays on different topics as well to boost their writing section for the English exam.

Reasons for Road Accident in India

With the increase in the number of vehicles on the road, the chances of road accidents are increasing. Most of the people have a car, bike, scooter in their home. Now, people prefer to use their personal transport for travelling instead of using public transport. Therefore, the road traffic is increasing, and it is also polluting our environment. Apart from this, it also leads to an increase in road accidents every year. Road accidents mainly happen due to the negligence of the driver or the person who is driving the vehicle. Most of the people who ride two-wheelers do not wear helmets, due to which the chances of brain injury and death increase. Therefore, it is compulsory for motorcycle and scooter users to wear helmets. Many times the people do triple riding. According to law, three persons riding a motorcycle is illegal and unauthorised. But, still people do triple riding, which leads to road accidents. One of the main reasons for road accidents is overspeeding. On highways and roads, many drivers drive around 30 to 40 kmph over the speed limit, especially the youth. Around one-third of road accidents are caused due to over-speeding.

Distracted driving also causes road accidents. Teens are most likely to engage in distracted driving. Research has shown that teens tend to engage in cell phone tasks much more frequently, namely, text messaging, in riskier situations than adults. There is also a factor of teenage inexperience with driving that results in road accidents. Drunk-driving is another major cause of road accidents. Drinking makes people lose the ability to focus and function properly. This makes it dangerous for the driver to operate the vehicle. Apart from these, there are many other reasons for road accidents like driving in the opposite lane, improper turns, unsafe lane changes, carrying huge amount of luggage in vehicles, defects in the vehicle, dazing headlights, driving in rain and fog, not required tailgating and overtaking, drowsy driving, reckless driving, negligent parking, running red lights and stop signs that cause fatal road accidents.

Most of the accidents take place due to overtaking. People do not follow the lane discipline. In India, fast-moving traffic is always supposed to occupy the rightmost lane while slower traffic sticks to the left. This makes driving safer and also improves vehicle flow. But, this lane discipline is not followed by some people, which causes fatal accidents. The people who are walking on the road must follow the Pedestrians road, and they should try to cross the road at the designated pedestrian crossings. Many of the road accidents also happen due to the poor condition of the roads. In India, roads are unfortunately famous for their potholes. These potholes not only cause strain on the spinal and overall health of the motorists when they drive, but they also ruin the vehicles’ suspension and cause road accidents quite often.

Control Measures to Avoid Road Accidents

By following the proper traffic and road safety rules, many road accidents can be prevented and damage could be lessened. The traffic police can be more strict towards people for following the traffic rules. Government should increase the amount of fines for those who break the rules and do not follow the road safety guidelines. Apart from the fine, the execution of the punishment or jail will make the people more alert and disciplined for following the traffic rules. People driving without driving licences, using cell phones while driving, or motorcycle riders without helmets should be fined heavily. This will prevent them from making such mistakes in the future. The government and the city traffic police should organize public awareness programmes to educate the civilians about the importance of road safety. Also, the public should be made aware of first aid and the importance of the golden hour and proper medical care in case of a road accident.

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Frequently asked Questions on Road accident Essay

Does today’s youth take proper precautions while driving?

New government rules have been instilled for people who drive (wearing helmet, speed limit) have been introduced for safety. Following these rules are mandatory but there are still people who violate these rules.

How to minimalise road accidents?

Precautions need to be taken while driving and careless needs to be avoided. Focusig on the road and giving full attention is required.

What steps should be taken for creating awareness about road accidents?

Teaching students about the deadly effects of road accidents is an essential step which should be taken by teachers and parents. Essay writing and extempore competitions can be conducted on these topics.

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