Role of Youth in Nation Building Essay

The youth of a nation shapes and moulds its present and paves the way for its future. The young generation holds a huge chunk of the responsibility of nation building on their shoulders. Youth and the coming generation decides the fate of a nation and its progress. So, it’s important that the voices of the youth get the right platform. It is necessary that the youth gets to exercise their freedom of speech, their opinion and their ideas. This role of youth in nation building essay will help students understand the importance of youth and their contribution to the country.

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500+ Words Role of Youth in Nation Building Essay

Youth is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. They are people of the age group between 15 and 39 years. The youth act as a catalyst in a vibrant country aspiring to find its rightful place.

Role of a Youth in Nation Integration

The youth of India ought to play a leading role in bringing together the people of different states with diverse religions and integrating them emotionally, culturally and geographically. They can contribute to extricating society from age-old stigmas of casteism, communalism, parochialism and regionalism. They can help preserve cultural heritage and infuse the spirit of patriotism. This will unite the people of the country and create a feeling of brotherhood.

Role of a Youth in Politics

Today‘s youth can contribute immensely to the politics of the country. If a nation does not rejuvenate its political leadership profile, it would become old in thought and slow in action. The youth are the future of a nation and its future leaders. The opportunity provided at the educational level to contribute to politics should be encouraged, and the youth should learn and follow clean and meaningful politics, which can thereafter be translated into greater national objectives.

Role of a Youth in Social Activities

Youth must actively participate in the development of the nation. They should be aware of the current problem and situation that the country is facing currently. Firstly, they should study the basic problems of health, environment, poverty, lack of education, economic backwardness, dowry-deaths, casteism, superstitious beliefs etc. Our society is experiencing a constant change and faces the conflicting ideologies of the past vis-a-vis the West. Our past with a shadow of casteism, superstition and religious overtones needs a balanced approach, and the youth can play an important role in educating the general public about it. They can establish a good rapport with the people so as to involve them actively in social work, which will help to make society a better place to live in.

The Government of India has launched various programmes such as “Clean and Green India”, “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”, “Namami Gange Pariyojana”, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, “Skill Development Mission” etc. These programmes are good opportunities for youth to join hands with their countrymen and contribute towards nation building. Youth should be engaged in integration committees composed of representatives of various communities at village, city, district, state and national levels. This will help in the nation’s development and give opportunities to youth to become leaders of the future.


Young men and women are the reservoirs of unbounded energy and enthusiasm. Youth should be put to best use; otherwise, they will get involved in wrong activities and waste their energy in doing negative things which can harm the nation. To keep them in the right direction, their energies, skills and talents have to be properly harnessed, channelised and should be used for the common good of the country.

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