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Girls in India, are considered to be a form of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. They are an essential part of human society. They are the creators of life on earth as only they are blessed with the boon of giving birth. The existence of human life on earth is impossible without them. Therefore, a girl child should be given equal opportunities similar to a boy child and they should be treated equally in all aspects. Today’s girls are tomorrow’s women.This essay on the girl child will highlight the points related to the need to save a girl child. Students must go through this essay in-depth to get ideas on how to write essays on similar topics.

Need to Save the Girl Child

A woman is a procreator and the mother of tomorrow, shaping the destiny of civilisation. In India, some people consider the birth of a girl child an unfortunate and gloomy event in their life. The child sex ratio is continuously declining due to the killing of the girl child in the mothers’ womb. Sex determination before birth, and post-birth discrimination against the girl child have increasingly led to an alarming situation. The Census of 2011 showed a significant declining trend in the Child Sex Ratio (CSR) between 0-6 years. The reasons contributing to this heinous crime are desire for a baby boy, male dominant society, poverty, rights to property, dowry obligations at the time of marriage, and various other religious, cultural and spiritual myths. If the same situation continues, it will further aggravate the gender imbalance in society. Everyone wants to have a sister, wife and mother, but no one wants a girl child. To maintain the balance of child sex ratio, we need to save the girl child.

Discrimination Faced by a Girl Child

The girl child’s discrimination begins before birth in the form of female foeticide. Gender discrimination is reported to have claimed a whopping 50 million female lives. Atrocities against women in one or the other form, have long been an integral part of our culture. India has unabashedly been the home of some of the brutal acts against this gender, commencing from female foeticide and female infanticide to dowry deaths. Girls are viewed as an economic burden. Various beliefs and social factors have resulted in widespread discrimination against the girl child. At every stage of life, she is neglected and discriminated against, for basic nutrition, education, medical care and living standards. Lack of education results in a high fertility rate, aggravating the condition of females in the country. Strong socio-cultural and religious biases, preference for sons & discrimination towards daughters have accentuated the problem. Coordinated & convergent efforts are needed to ensure survival, protection and education of the girl child to realise their full potential.

Initiative and Steps Taken to Save the Girl Child

The opportunity to be born, grow in a safe and secure environment, and develop a girl’s full potential are major issues concerning girl children in India. To tackle these issues, the Government has launched various initiatives and programmes to save the girl child. The “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” program was launched to ban the practices of sex determination and female foeticide. This has also improved the Child Sex Ratio in various states of India. Similarly, the central and state Government launched various other schemes and campaigns, such as Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, National Scheme of Incentive for the Girls of Secondary Education, Balika Saridhhi Yojana, CBSE Udaan Scheme, Ladli Scheme and the Kanya Kosh Scheme etc.

Apart from the Government schemes and programs, we as citizens, should take responsibility to save the girl child. We should create awareness among people to make them realise the importance of a girl child. With the help of various campaigns, we should end girl child marriage and stop the violence and sexual harassment they face. We must promote education for girls and provide a safer environment in public, and career opportunities. We should encourage them to fulfil their dreams by providing them opportunities similar to boys.

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Frequently asked Questions on Save girl child Essay

Are girl children still suffering?

Around the world, girl children are still being suppressed in many walks of life. Education, property rights, etc are still being denied to girls exclusively.

How can injustice against girls be changed?

Students/ Children from a very young age nedd to be taught about the ethics of treating all genders equally. Parents/ Teachers many an important in this role of creating awareness.

How to guide girl children in the right way and keep them away from such inequalities?

Girls need to be taught to be brave and voice their opinion when and wherever necessary. They should be aware of their rights and thereby should claim them.

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