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A desire to explore and know the unknown with experimentation and observation, generates scientific temper. This urge has led to various researches and discoveries. It has also helped us understand the various mysteries of this universe. Scientists have unravelled many truths which were earlier related to superstitious belief. In this way, science and technology have not only made our life simpler, but also helped us to understand the concepts and logic behind many things. With the help of this essay on science and technology, students will know how science and technology have evolved and have benefited our lives. Also, they will understand day-to-day applications of science and technology, and how they have transformed our life.

Science and Technology in India

India has a rich heritage of science and technology. We can reduce our dependence on nature by doing research, and developments in the field of science. In ancient India, religion and science worked in close proximity. The town planning of Harappa shows that it’s people possessed a good knowledge of measurement and geometry. In the Atharva Veda, detailed information about diseases, cures and medicines are mentioned. The vedic people were aware of fermenting grain and fruits, tanning leather and the process of dyeing. Thus, science and technology has been used from ancient times by our ancestors. In modern India, more research has been conducted focusing on advancing this technology with the help of scientific discoveries.

Science and technology are the key drivers for economic growth and human development. Greater emphasis should be given to developing indigenous technologies and encouraging grass root innovations. At the same time, the emergence of disruptive yet impactful technologies, poses new challenges and simultaneously, greater opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown people a greater need for science and technology. People have started using electronic devices and switched to online mode for their work and other activities. They have started operating their offices virtually with the help of technology. Moreover, people prefer less physical contact and have successfully opted for virtual mode in their daily activities as well.

Application of Science and Technology in Different Sectors

Science and technology are closely interlinked with each other. Science is defined as any systematic activity that seeks to gain knowledge about the physical world and technology uses that scientific knowledge for productive use. Science contributes to technology in different ways. It provides new knowledge which serves as a direct source of ideas for new technological possibilities. It works as a source of tools and techniques for more efficient engineering design and a knowledge base for evaluation of feasibility of designs. The research instrumentation, laboratory techniques and analytical methods used in research eventually find their way into design or industrial practices.

There are various applications of science and technology in different fields. In the agriculture sector, it has helped the farmer to produce more crops as compared to the traditional farming methods. It is also helping in animal husbandry, fisheries and forestry sectors. The industrial revolution has taken place due to advancements in science and technology. Industrial production, such as indigenous agricultural machinery, chemicals, drugs and medicines, furnished leather goods, glass and ceramics, electronics items and products in the areas of food technology can be manufactured quickly and easily with the help of the latest technology. The generation of electricity, nuclear energy, creation of defence equipment such as missiles are all possible with the invention of technology.

Science and technology have played a major role in the medical and health sector by preventing and treating various diseases. Due to this, life expectancy has increased and death rate has declined. Also, various immunisation programmes have helped in reducing the infant mortality rate. India has made rapid progress in the frontier areas of science and technology like space research and atomic energy. Some of the examples are development in the railway system, metro system, telecommunication with the help of smartphones, faster internet connectivity. Some of the recent achievements of India in space science are Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan 2. The government is also promoting various research and development schemes to encourage scientific activities.

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Frequently asked Questions on Science and Technology Essay

How can students be educated on Science and Technology?

Students will understand the concepts easily if taught via conceptual explaination and diagramatic studies. Thus it would be useful if students could be engaged in such teaching practises.

Has the Science and Technology field improved in India?

Over the last decade, Science and Technology has reached new heights in India. Several scientific researchers have created am impact on the overall development in this area of study.

Can students take Science and Technology as a major subject and pursue?

Students can most definitely pursue in the field of Science and Technology as it opens new dimensions and also gives a broad group of subjects to choose from.

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