Simple Electric Circuit

Electric Circuit


  • Materials that is required for this scientific model include two insulated wires, a light bulb and a power source say battery.
  • Any kind of battery backup or battery can be used. While choosing a bulb ensure the limits of battery in terms of power.


  • Now for wire attachment, one can make it easy by making use of battery snap along with pre-attached fires. Make use of 9 volt battery backup.
  • Now strip the ends of the insulated wires. Remove about an inch at the each end.This process has to performed well in order for the circuit to work well.
  • Next step involves the installation of battery. Depending upon the type of battery this step can be skipped. Suppose if you’re using a multiple batteries at a time make sure you have a power pack to hold those batteries. Place these batteries at the end. Battery orientation should be right.
  • Now attach wires to the battery pack. At this stage, wires will be conducting electricity that has been connected from battery to a bulb. Wire can be attached to a battery pack with the help of a electric tape. Connect one end of the wire to the battery. Ensure it is connected to right orientation. Repeat the same for other end of the battery.
  • Be careful while building the circuit. Don’t touch the wire directly. You a experience with some amount of light shock. One can avoid this by removing the battery until the bulb is installed or by touching only the insulated part of the wire.
  • Now take the metal end of the non-insulated wire. Bend it into a U shape.
  • Attach each wire to the screws of the light bulb. Ensure that each of the wire is connected to its own screw such that the metal of the wire should remain in contact with screw.
  • Test the Circuit.


Bulb should light up if the circuits are hooked up accurately. If the light does not light up make sure to check the connections.

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