Simple Machines- Electric Motor

When you think of a motor, the first thing comes in your mind might be a car. But you actually encounter with many motors in your home like washing machine, fridge, a fan, all these are machines uses electric motor. The electric motor has demonstrated properties of electromagnetism.

Electric Motor

The principle behind the magnetic field and electric current is a bit technical, but making a simple electric motor is easy. This experiment requires just a coil of wire, a magnet and a battery for power source. By the project of simple electric motor, you will explore how to build and construct an electric motor and the changes happening after the rotation of the motor.

Materials Required

  1. Battery
  2. Insulated wire
  3. Electric tape
  4. 2 metal sewing needles that has long and the eyes must be large enough to fit the wire.
  5. Small circular magnet
  6. Modeling clay
  7. Knife
  8. Thin market


  1. Wrap the wire tightly in a circular motion starting in the center. Wrap the wire around 30 times.
  2. Wrap the loose end of the wire around the coil and the end points should be kept away from the loop.
  3. Remove the insulator from the both ends of the wire.
  4. Inseat both loose end of the wire coil into the large eye of a needle. Make sure to keep the coil as straight without bending the wire ends.
  5. Place a battery on a flat surface, use modeling clay to fix it thoroughly.
  6. Place the sharp end of the needle to the battery one at the positive end and another at the negative one.
  7. Over the sharp ends of needle with modeling clay.
  8. Secure the needles with electrical tape to the ends of the battery.
  9. Now fix a small magnet on the between the battery and the coil.
  10. Sipn the coil, the motor will continue to spin and push in the right direction.


The needles and a wire has created a closed loop circuit. This carries current flow from negative thermal passing the circuit to the positive terminal of the battery. This makes a closed loop and creates its own magnetic field in the coil, which helps to sipn.

As you know magnets have two poles: south and north. Opposite poles stick and similar repel. As the magnetic field created by the current in the wire on the coil, the magnet that is fixed to the battery repels the magnetic field of the coil and continues to spin and continuously spin until the battery is dead.

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