Solar Car

We all need to encourage alternative forms of transportation, as we find lack of supply of petroleum products and also increase in environmental pollution. A car that runs on solar energy – Solar Car – are emerging these days addressing these issues. It uses solar cell panels to power up the engine instead of oil petroleum products as a fuel. By solar car project you will experience the concept of solar energy and how it generates electric energy to start the engine.

Solar Car

Materials Required

  1. Solar cell
  2. DC motor
  3. Motor mount
  4. Four wheels
  5. Dowel for axles
  6. Straw
  7. Traction bands
  8. Eyelets or washers
  9. Wood sheet
  10. Basswood
  11. Procedure sheet
  12. Glue
  13. Soldering iron
  14. Craft knife


  1. Cut a 2-inch wide strip of wood.
  2. Mark axles by drawing two lines and mark two points around 6mm away from each side.
  3. Each screw will hold the axles, so insert one eye screw in each of the points.
  4. Insert axle and ensure the alignment is straight and can spin freely. Later use a piece of straw and place them as a spacer on both sides.
  5. After making space for the wheels, now insert wheels on all four sides. If your rear wheels are plain, you need to insert a gear or a pulley next to rear wheel.
  6. Now, insert a small pulley or a gear onto the shaft of the DC motor. Now place the motor on mount and strap it securely.
  7. Place it on the motor mount on the car, make sure the gears one on the wheel and another on the shaft are engaged.
  8. Place the solar panel on the car and connect all the required wires to the motor. Note that the solar cell panel is placed slanted.
  9. Finally, take your solar car in a sunny location and test it!


This experiment you will learn how to work with solar cell panel and a DC motor. Take your solar car in a sunny location to test. Place the car on a flat smooth surface and make sure the solar panel is faced to the sun. You can also test the solar car indoor using a strong light replacing the sunlight. Well, you can customize the solar car by designing the wooden sheet, adding decoration and more.

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