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What is Success?

Success can be defined as achieving your goals, whether big or small. Success always brings a broad smile to our faces and happiness in our lives. It is much more than power, riches or fame. Success can also be defined as the feeling of satisfaction and happiness an individual achieves by leading a particular way of life. Success can only be achieved by hard work and a bit of opportunity. Determination leads to success and is considered a significant ingredient in the path to success. If you want to become successful, you must have a never give up attitude unless and until you achieve your goal. People find satisfaction and happiness in very different things.

For every individual, it is crucial to define their path of success rather than following others footsteps.

What formulates a person successful?

In this world, people can find multiple ways to become successful. But, most people associate world success with celebrities, politicians, artists and business people. According to them, doing whatever these people do will make them successful. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case. People should know that hard work and dedication is the key to success. They should follow their dream, not others’ dreams. People, those who are successful, like to do what they feel like and correct for their business.

It is impossible to become successful overnight. It can be achieved only through determination and hard work. Furthermore, it’s entirely in our hands how we can become successful in our life. It is undoubtedly everyone’s dream to become successful at some point in their life. An individual should have the vision to achieve success. Proper planning and thoughtful management are crucial to achieve your goal. Planning can save you a lot of time, so it is difficult to get distracted, as happens with many people.

What is the harm of success?

Success always comes with a price. To achieve success, you need to sacrifice something. But these sacrifices will turn into fruitful results. In this world full of competitiveness, people achieve their goals, but unfortunately, they fail to achieve social, mental and physical success. And, the tension remains by thinking they are lacking in some fields.

Success is something that everyone cannot digest. There are cases where people get obsessed with their achievements and make others feel uncomfortable. Even in a few cases, people have gone mad as they cannot handle their success wisely. Some people also go into depression if they cannot achieve their goals. It sometimes leads to committing suicide or something dangerous, impacting an individual and near and dear ones. So, it is imperative to understand the right way to handle success; otherwise, it can be dangerous to health.

Success and hard work

Success is something, which does not happen by chance or overnight. There are plenty of resources available to be successful, often called ‘secrets to success,’ but there is one thing without which you cannot see ongoing success: hard work. It takes consistent hard work to get there. This means you need to be focused and committed to your job without any distractions, no urges of fast results, be calm, and believe in yourself. In the end, it is all about how hard you have worked to reach your goal. However, to invest your time and energy, you will need to understand precisely why hard work matters.

Besides, do not just work on your program; push your limits, take charge of other things, improve your skills and most importantly, keep learning. Besides that, be with positive people, develop positive habits, and exercise for the body and mind.


To sum it up, we can tell that success needs a balanced proportion of all the elements of life. Moreover, no one has achieved success in a day. They have faced difficult situations in life to be successful. Success can also be a dangerous thing. It does not mean that success is bad by any means; only success has to be tackled.

It is the dream of every individual to achieve the epitome of success in their life. But, the concept of success is complicated and confusing for some people. For people, the greatest asset of success is the motivation that pushes them forward in their life.

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Frequently asked Questions on Success Essay

What should a student consider as success?

For a student, success should mean: 1. Focusing on studies or extracurricular activities for their overall development 2. Respect elders and instill good habits at an young age 3. Moral values and helping tendancy

How can a student be successful in all his exams?

Continous preparation without distraction/ diversion can definitely help a student be successful in all their exams. Avoid postponing academic related work.

Is success a constant for everyone?

Success cannot remain a constant for each and everyone of us. Success depends solely on the perception and goals of an individual.

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