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The word superstition denotes our fear of the unknown, or a belief in supernatural and magical powers which ostensibly control our lives and fate. Superstitious persons are mostly uneducated and have no scientific knowledge. But, in India, educated persons have also been observed following superstitious beliefs. It will be a great loss to society if people blindly follow such irrational behaviour. Superstitious beliefs can also have a negative impact on the social well-being of people because, sometimes, they are highly associated with harmful or abusive behaviour. With the help of this superstition essay, students will get to know more about superstitions that exist in India, their impact and consequences on society. Also, they will clearly understand and analyse the causes, demerits and steps to eradicate superstition. They can also go through the list of CBSE Essays on different topics to boost their essay writing skills.

What Does Superstition Mean?

Superstition is a belief or practice which is based on one’s trust in luck, supernatural powers or magical elements due to lack of scientific knowledge. It arises out of illiteracy, not knowing the science behind it, or due to fear and belief in magic or fate. It is derived from the words super or supernatural. Superstition is applied to beliefs and practices related to luck, prophecy and spiritual things. But, most of the educated people are also following superstitious beliefs. Some of the rituals of superstitious practices involve lemon and chilli totems and black magic.

Superstition in India

Superstitions exist everywhere, whether you are in a city or village. Indian society is fast progressing, still there are many people who have strong beliefs in superstitions. These superstitions are expressions of the tensions and anxieties that hold sway over humanity as it struggles down the dark alleys of life from birth to death, haunting people irrespective of educational status and wealth.

It would not be wrong to say that superstitions have been around since ancient times. For some people, superstition rules their life. They cannot go home in peace after a black cat crosses their path. Hotels refuse to have a thirteenth floor or a Room No. 13 because people believe that the number 13 is unlucky. People don’t go out for work if a mirror breaks or milk is spilt, as they are considered inauspicious. Interest in following superstitions has evidently not decreased over the years as they not only seem to affect daily activities but also seem to make a difference in businesses, markets, economy, and buying-behaviour.

Impact and Consequences of Superstitions

Believing in superstitions reflects backward thinking and a lack of scientific outlook on life. Superstitions, however, affect different people in varying degrees as women tend to be more superstitious as compared to men. Women are often subjected to physical and sexual violence in the name of performing superstitious rituals. Many people suffer the exploitation by the ‘Babas’ and ‘Sadhus’. Animal killing is often a part of superstitious beliefs. Poor and superstitious people seek treatment from quacks instead of relying on the modern health system. Belief in magic causes the people to get attracted towards witchcraft. Practice of witchcraft has a serious impact on the psyche of the children and women.

People who do not have confidence in themselves and do not trust their hard work are most likely to take an easier and safer routine. That’s why these people easily believe in superstitious beliefs. Moreover, this is also the reason that most superstitious fears are associated with fear of harm and loss of a person of property. Researchers have found that the people in rural areas are more superstitious than in urban areas. The only remedy to remove superstitions is education and awareness. It can also be eradicated by developing reasoning power, thinking from a scientific perspective, and a habit of logically analysing things. The young generation should take the appropriate steps to eradicate superstitious practices from their roots. Movies and media should take up the challenge of fighting against this evil.

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