Methods To Build The Concept In Time Speed And Distance

Time speed and distance is the concept from which problems are asked not only in CAT but also in other management examinations like XAT, N MAT, and SNAP. The weight age of this concept in CAT is approximately 6% and it is an important concept to cover in order to take the test. According to Byju, when need to attempt quantitative aptitude, you need to think casually and then attempt the questions. Is there any way to take it casually? Yes, because taking it casually comes from confidence. The type of approach that would lead to such confidence is another question that needs to be addressed. Through Byju’s method, you will not only gain that confidence but you will familiarise the learning method that will make you ask questions to yourself and answer them yourself. You will find it very easy if you visualize the concepts in diagrams.

Now, time speed and distance is something that we come across each day, but we don’t really think about the relationship until we take an actual test. If you went to your office at 4km/hr you will reach 20 mins late, if you are at 6km/her then you will reach 10 mins early. Isn’t that simple? But CAT manages to perplex us by converting the Kilometres to meters or centimeters and hours to seconds and milliseconds.

Let’s have a look at the easiest method to solve speed, time and distance. Start using this formula to save valuable time.

We learned that speed and time are inversely proportional. We use the method of percentage equivalent method which can be used not only for speed distance and time but across the topics in arithmetic whenever the parameters are inversely proportional. Using this simple method we could find the speed without requiring any pen or paper. It is easy to deduce. Did you Like the tutorial? then share it with your friends!

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