Microorganisms- Viruses Around Us

You realize that we fall sick while suffering from a sore throat, fever or a cough. Why is all this happening? What is the reason for these infections? All these infections occur due to a tiny invader virus. What is a virus? It enters into your body and uses cells of the body to copy itself. It can spread very quickly from one person to the other and can make you and the people around you very sick. These viruses can be spread from the air; the droplets formed when people sneeze or a cough, door handles, and telephone.

Nowadays viruses are an important topic of discussion. A large number of studies has been organized between scientists for understanding whether the virus alive or not.

How does virus function in a body?

microorganism viruses

You might have heard about a computer virus. Due to this virus computer does not function properly. A virus enters in the computer through the infected CDs, pen-drives, and some corrupted sites. Once it enters the computer system, it multiplies in number and spreads completely in the computer and corrupts all the files. We can observe that a computer is working properly until the time it is attacked by the virus. In a similar manner in the living creatures these viruses enter through the air when someone sneezes or a cough or through some virus spoilt food. After entering into the body, the virus starts multiplying and spreads in the entire body and makes you feel sick. The size of a virus is about 1000 times smaller than that of bacteria, and the bacteria is much smaller than the human cell. So, we can conclude that virus that cannot work on its own. Hence, they take help of living organism to grow and function. They manipulate the cell, and controls them in order to use the composition of the cell to produce replica of them more in numbers in the cell. After sometime cell cannot hold more virus and it bursts infecting the surrounding cell. According to Dr. Winkle Weinberg, an infectious disease expert, says that a cough and cold virus particles can travel at a speed of 320 km/hour, i.e., faster than an aeroplane. They have the capability to change their structure and composition very quickly and can easily adapt to several medicines. That is why it is difficult to find cure for virus caused diseases like AIDS. They can be controlled but cannot be killed as they can overcome our body’s defense system. So we can say that virus are not much useful to us but some of them are useful like cow pox virus.

This was just a brief layout about the virus, its function and how they survive. To know more about it and clearly how the virus operates and how can a virus be useful, watch this video.

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Which of the following shows coiled RNA strand and capsomeres ?