Essay On Mango For Class 1

In this article, we shall look into “An Essay on Mango for Class 1” which will help young learners to compose an essay about their favourite fruit. We bring you a few lines on ‘Mango Essay’ for Class 1 that children can refer to, while drafting their own essay in simple words.

Mango is one of the most loved fruits, both among kids and adults. Writing an essay on this topic is a matter of interest for one and all. A complete essay on mango will help young students know all about their favourite fruit, mango. This essay on Mango for Class 1 is particularly dedicated to all the students who are wondering how to write a mango essay for Class 1.

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Essay On Mango For Class 1

  • Mango is the national fruit of India which is loved by one and all.
  • It is a very juicy, pulpy and luscious fruit.
  • Ripe mangoes can either be consumed raw or in the form of salad, juice, jams, milkshake or pickles.
  • Mango is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals.
  • It is regarded as the king of fruits and comes in various shapes and sizes.
  • There are a huge variety of mangoes which are cultivated in India like Alphonso, Dasheri, Langra, Badami, Malda and Banganapalli among others.
  • It grows extensively during the summer season across various parts of India.
  • Mango is my favourite fruit because it has a sweet and refreshing flavour.
  • In addition to its taste, the fruit has many nutritional and health benefits too.
  • Mango is a tasty fruit and everyone loves its juicy and lip-smacking flavour.

In the above essay on my favourite fruit mango for Class 1, we have made a modest attempt to help young kids to write their minds while penning an essay on this topic. You can check and explore various other Class 1 Essay topics here.

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