My Favourite Game Cricket Essay For Class 2


Everyone enjoys playing games in their leisure time. As the famous adage says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This implies that a regular routine where there is no time for relaxation can be boring. Playing games can inculcate patience, teamwork, dedication and social interactivity of an individual with another.

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My Favourite Game Cricket Essay for Class 2

My Favourite Game Cricket Essay For Class 2 Kids

  • Cricket is the most popular outdoor game in the world.
  • Amongst all the outdoor games, cricket is my favourite and I love to play this game.
  • It is the most watched sport in India and people have an emotional connection with it.
  • This sport is played by using a bat and a ball between two teams of 11 members each.
  • Every team has its own set of batsmen, bowlers and fielders.
  • My favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli and I love the way he plays the game and leads the entire team.
  • I love to play cricket with my friends, after school, in the playground nearby.
  • My team members always allow me to bat first as I can score runs quickly.
  • My parents have enrolled me to a cricket training centre to motivate and boost my passion in the sport.
  • My aim in life is to become a renowned cricketer and play for the Indian cricket team and represent my nation on the international platform.

A Short Essay on Cricket for Class 2

Cricket is my favourite game because it is played in every institution and it is one of the most loved sports. It is the most exciting game in our country and is also played in many countries worldwide. Cricket is one of the most popular games played in India for children and adults. It is a fascinating game in our country, and it is played in many countries of the world. It is a well-known game played by many countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Australia, England and South Africa.

Cricket is played between two teams of 11 players each, who play bat and bowl. The two main players in the game are the batsman and the other bowler. When a batsman plays, he gets his wicket, and the bowler throws the ball back to his bowler when the over is complete. In the two cricket teams (11 players), two referees keep an eye on the errors in the game and rotate the batsmen and bowlers depending on their decision, or it is defined as a throw, depending on a coin toss.

Playing outdoor games is vital for the physical education and growth of children. It increases their activity power and makes them more vigilant in body and mind. For this reason, many educational institutions encourage drill sessions and extra-curricular activities like sports in their curriculum.

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