10 Lines On My Family In English For Class 3

Family is the backbone of our lives. In all our ups and downs, the family is what stays with us. No matter how big a mistake we commit, our family always forgives us. The family is the closest and the most trustable relation. Given below are 10 lines on My Family in English for Class 3 kids. You can also download the same in PDF format. The same 10 lines can be written in 2 paragraphs with 5 lines in each paragraph. Here is My Family Essay for Class 3.

My Family Essay for Class 3

  • I belong to a nuclear family of 3 members- dad, mom and me. We live in Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  • In my extended family, I have my grandparents who stay in a village in Gujarat.
  • My Dad is a software engineer in an IT company called Elixir, located in our city.
  • My mom too is a software engineer in another IT company called Combus, which is also based in Udaipur.
  • I visit my grandparents every summer and winter holidays.
  • My grandfather tells me stories about warriors, great leaders, and sometimes even about fairies.
  • My grandmother makes the tastiest pickles in the world and I take one big bottle of pickle, every time we return to Udaipur.
  • We all help each other during tough times and share happy moments during good times.
  • My family always motivates me to be a good person and help people in need.
  • I feel blessed to have such a superb family and I love my family so much!

That’s how 10 lines on My Family in English for class 3 can be written. A family works as the support system in our lives. In this fast-paced and highly competitive world, a family is what gives us confidence, love and compassion selflessly. It passes good values and culture to all its members. A family provides us with emotional strength and mental stability. If we have a loving, caring and happy family to support us constantly, we should be truly grateful.

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