10 Lines Essay on Save Trees


“Save Trees Save Earth”- a very common phrase that we have been listening to since our childhood. But the need to save them is vital now. Here we are offering a 10 lines essay on Save Trees for Class 3 students.

From providing oxygen for breathing to maintaining ecological balance, from offering food and shelter to fighting pollution- trees do so much for us. Given below is Save The Trees Essay for your reference. You can download these 10 lines on Save Trees essay in PDF format for free here, through the link provided below.

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Save Trees Essay for Class 3

10 Lines Essay on Save Trees for Class 3

  • Trees are like the lungs of the earth. They are the assets that keep our mother earth healthy.
  • Trees play a significant role in our existence. They consume carbon dioxide and provide us with fresh oxygen to breathe.
  • Human beings and herbivores are largely dependent on them as they are the source of food, fruits and vegetables.
  • We get medicines, timber, wood, gum, fibre, rubber, latex, and so many other things from trees.
  • They offer shadow and shelter not only to humans, but also give habitat to wildlife.
  • They try to maintain environmental balance. For instance, when it gets too hot, trees help in bringing rainfall. They fight severe climate changes.
  • Trees make the mother earth look beautiful and relaxing. They nourish various life forms in many ways. Planting more trees will also add to the earth’s natural beauty.
  • Trees fight water pollution and prevent soil erosion. They prevent pollutants from flowing into water sources.
  • The only way we can defend global warming and environmental pollution is by saving and planting trees.
  • Taking action towards saving trees is not something we would merely do to save them, but to protect our own lives. Save trees, save lives!

A Short Save Trees Essay for Class 3

Trees are the backbone of our planet Earth. Without trees, we will not be able to breathe or survive on this planet. We should save trees and plant more trees. In our school, we plant a sapling every week. Also, we get an opportunity to water the sapling each month. I have also planted a few saplings at home. Trees play an important role in balancing the environment, ecosystem and preventing global warming. We must plant more trees and avoid polluting or littering our planet. Trees have medicinal benefits and we must not exploit them. We must safeguard our environment by avoiding deforestation. Trees give us shade and shelter to wildlife in the jungles. We must ensure to plant more trees in our neighbourhood and schools.

We hope that the above-mentioned Essay on Save Trees will aid your kid in understanding the importance of saving trees.

With deforestation happening at a pace much higher than earlier, saving trees now needs more action than words. Trees are to the earth what the lungs are to a human body. Trees cleanse the environment and give us fresh air to breathe. However, uncontrolled deforestation has led to rapid global warming and a huge decline in environmental conditions.

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