Top 10 Guidelines for Making Business Studies Project Class 12

Business Studies Project – Important Guidelines

Following are the essential guidelines for preparation and submission of Business studies Project for Class 12.

(1) Content of the Project should be handwritten

The project should be handwritten and not typed and printed.

(2) Neat and legible Handwriting

Handwriting should be legible and no scribbling or cutting should be there. Make a very neat presentation of your project.

(3) Project To Be Presented In Folder

The project should be presented in a neat folder or Spiral Bound.

(4) File Format

Complete project should be in a file format.

(5) Paper

The entire report must be submitted on A4 size paper. Use interleaf coloured sheet (ruled on one side and blank on the other side)

(6) Write On One Side Of The Page

The project should be written on one side of each page only.


You should leave some margin on the Top, bottom, Left and right of the page.


Every page must be numbered.


  • Tables and Figures should be centred and labelled with identification number and title.
  • Table and figure should clearly show what is intended of them.
  • In the case of graphical representation, the axis must be clearly labeled.


  • Cover page should contain the Project title, student information, school and year
  • Acknowledgement
  • Certificate
  • List of contents
  • Introduction, Topic with a suitable heading
  • Planning and activities are done during the project if any
  • Observations and findings while conducting the project
  • Newspaper clippings (If Any)
  • Conclusions (summarised suggestions or findings, future scope of study)
  • Bibliography
  • Teachers Observation and Remarks.


1 Initiative, cooperativeness and participation 1 Mark
2 Creativity in presentation 1 Mark
3 Content, observation and research work 2 Marks
4 Analysis of situations 2 Marks
5 Viva 4 Marks
Total 10 Marks