Sandeep Garg Macroeconomics Class 12: Chapter 3 Demand

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Sandeep Garg Solutions Class 12 – Chapter 3 – Part A – Microeconomics

Question 1

What is Demand?

Ans: Goods are demanded because they have the capacity to satisfy our wants. However, every want of a consumer cannot be called a demand. Demand does not mean a desire for a commodity.

Question 2

What are the Determinants of Demand?

Ans: The Determinants of Demands are:

  • Price of the given commodity
  • Price of related goods
  • The income of the customer
  • Tastes and preferences
  • The expectation of change in the price in future

Question 3

What is the demand function?

Ans: Demand function shows the relationship between quantity demanded a particular commodity and the factors influencing it.

Question 4

Define the law of demand.

Ans: The law of demand states the inverse relationship between price and quantity demanded, keeping other factors constant (ceteris paribus).

Question 5

What are Complementary goods?

Ans: Complementary goods are those goods which are used together to satisfy a particular want.

Question 6

Define Normal goods.

Ans: Most of the commodities that we usually buy are normal goods. As a normal practice, a customer purchases more of such goods, when his income rises and less of it when his income falls. The commodities that follow this rule are known as ‘Normal Goods.’

Question 7

What are Inferior Goods?

Ans: Inferior goods refer to those goods whose demand decreases with an increase in income. And, this is known as Inferior goods.


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